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Elwray Basses, a MKO Innovations company.

Mons, Belgium



Hi, welcome on my website. My name's Marco, I build basses and provides servicing for basses. Refinishing, staining, fretwork, electronics,... What's so special about Elwray Basses? I'm not here to make money. Forget about expensive custom services; let's go back to true prices.

Do not hesitate to contact me. Every need has to be treated as a unique custom work.

Your bass is dirty, old, used without big issues, only slights ding & dongs, you want to give it a new life or make it a beauty before selling it? That's your solution.
Refinishing 1
Your bass is dirty, well used, old, has a lot of ding & dongs, scratches, some hits, maybe unwanted screw holes, or holes to fill etc... Choose this one.
Refinishing 2
Your bass is awful, had some cracks, frets are ugly has hell, nut is broken, body has a some minor cracks, someone drill an aweful hole in the middle? We've got a star...
Refinishing 3